• a. twisted donuts

  • try everything on their menu! if you're a fan of bacon, try their bacon donut. my favorites include the strawberry glaze with sprinkles and the blueberry donut.

  • 1243 noriega street
    san francisco, ca 94122

  • b. mitchell's ice cream

  • one of my favorite ice cream spots in sf! mitchell's is famous for their tropical flavors, so definitely try my favorite, tropical 4 (combo of mango, guava, banana and pineapple).

  • 688 san jose ave
    san francisco, ca 94110

  • c. outerlands

  • so this isn't really a dessert spot, but a restaurant and awesome brunch place. try the sweet dutch pancake with stawberries and add ricotta cheese!

  • 4001 judah street
    san francisco, ca 94122

  • d. pineapples

  • if you've ever had a dole whip in hawaii or disneyland, then you can now get one here in sf! i like adding the li-hing powder to the dole whip for an extra zing.

  • 296 ocean ave
    san francisco, ca 94112

  • e. polly ann ice cream

  • polly ann's is my childhood ice cream spot that i grew up going to afterschool. my favorites include the marble fudge, mango and the green tea. spin the wheel and try and win a free scoop!

  • 3138 noriega street
    san francisco, ca 94122

  • f. humphry slocombe

  • the flavors here are awesome! they always are changing so i try to get something new. my faves are the pog sorbet and the lychee jasmine.

  • 2790 harrison st
    san francisco, ca 94110

  • g. fentons creamery

  • i love coming here for ice cream sundaes and milkshakes after going to the warrior's games at oracle.

  • 4226 piedmont ave
    oakland, ca 94611

  • h. peter's kettle corn

  • i would always buy peter's kettle corn at random farmer's markets and at off the grid. i was so pumped that they opened a store front! my favorite flavors are classic, horchata and salted caramel. they make excellent gifts too.

  • 4139 macarthur blvd
    oakland, ca 94619

  • i. smitten ice cream

  • awesome made to order ice cream that is made right in front of you! ice cream tastes fresh and makes a pretty picture.

  • 432 octavia st
    san francisco, ca 94102

  • j. cream

  • cookies rule everything around me! i love how cheap the cookies and the ice cream cookie sandwiches are! the carnival cookies with green tea ice cream is my fave.

  • 2399 telegraph ave
    berkeley, ca 94704

  • k. genki crepes

  • their crepes are awesome! you can always customize their different options by changing the ice cream or toppings.

  • 330 clement st
    san francisco, ca 94118

  • l. benkyodo company

  • the best place to get fresh, homemade and authentic mochi. i've been coming here since i was a kid and i love the strawberry mochi! *cash only*

  • 1747 buchanan st
    san francisco, ca 94115

  • m. plentea

  • the coveted glass bottles! the tea at plentea is decent and it is definitely refreshing. bring your bottle back for $1 off.

  • 314 kearny st
    san francisco, ca 94108

  • n. the ice cream bar

  • i love the feel and atmosphere here! the ice cream sundaes are delicious!

  • 815 cole st
    san francisco, ca 94117

  • o. tpumps

  • my favorite boba in sf! i like the customization and the wide variety of fruit/syrup flavors.

  • 1916 irving st
    san francisco, ca 94122

  • p. marco polo italian ice cream

  • ah, homemade gelato with a wide variety of tropical flavors! the chocolate and the mango are my favorite.

  • 1447 taravel st
    san francisco, ca 94116

  • q. bi-rite creamery

  • people will line up around the block on a cold chilly day in sf. my favorites include ricanelas, cookies and cream and banana fudge.

  • 3692 18th st
    san francisco, ca 94110

  • r. anthony's cookies

  • the cookies and cream flavor is the best!!

  • 1417 valencia st
    san francisco, ca 94110

  • s. frozen khusterd

  • the extra creaminess of the custard is amazing! they always have a changing selection of flavors and I love when they offer the boba sundae. you can find them at various off the grid locations and they're opening a storefront in the mission soon.

  • 2 marina blvd
    san francisco, ca 94132

  • t. pacific puffs

  • these are my mom's favorite cream puffs, especially the salted caramel. they now have two locations in the marina and in westfield mall.

  • 2201 union st
    san francisco, ca 94123

  • u. straw

  • so this isn't really a dessert place, another brunch spot, but i had to include the donut breakfast sandwich! it was so decadent and savory, must try.

  • 203 octavia blvd
    san francisco, ca 94102

  • v.at&t park: ghiradelli sundae

  • i have to get a sundae with the delish ghiradelli chocolate fudge at every giants game, even if it's 50 degrees.

  • 24 willie mays plaza
    san francisco, ca 94107

  • w. holy gelato!

  • tasty gelato with a ton of flavors. big ups to the wide selection of vegan friendly gelatos and sorbets.

  • 1392 9th ave
    san francisco, ca 94122

  • x. dianda's italian american pastry

  • my parents have been coming here for years for their almond torte, raspberry almond ring and the st honore cake!

  • 2883 mission st
    san francisco, ca 94110

  • y. super cue cafe

  • one of my new favorite boba places in sf. i like their range of teas and the customization of the sweetness and amount of ice.

  • 1139 taravel st
    san francisco, ca 94116

  • z. sophie's crepes

  • whenever i'm in japantown, i always grab a crepe from sophie's. all of their sweet crepes are awesome. *cash only*

  • 1581 webster st
    san francisco, ca 94115